Last month I participated in a creativity workshop with my colleagues in Prague. Part of this, we learned how the brain works, about synapses, neural impulses and other “boring” staff about our brain. And we made this experiment to illustrate how deep our thinking and behavioral habits can go, how deeply engraved on our brain become our thoughts. It looks as skid marks, rows and ditches left on a soft jelly by the hot water poured on top of it. It was magic. So easy to understand that once you formed yourself to think and act in a way, your brain automatically works in patterns. You create a path so deep, it is hard to climb over its edges.

In order to change this, you have to gave up conscientiously to this regular way of thinking and embrace new ways, creative techniques in this case, just to force your brain to think differently. As an advertising person I had attended many workshops and trainings on the topic and yet, never had this powerful feeling I had when touching the ditches on the jelly with my finger.

However, there I was, touching the “artificial brain”, feeling convinced about the scientific truth of the experiment but I was thinking to something else. How about your soul, how about your jelly soul? How about the ditches, scars and rows on your soul, how deep are they engraved there? What kind of a solution should you try in order to avoid the water of your life to go on the same pathways? How do you heal your soul, how you change his patterns, his addictions or whatever painful things are engraved there?

Three weeks after that we did the same workshop and the same experiment in Budapest. This time the jelly was bullet proof resistant. Before someone make any bad taste ethnic joke, you need to know that it was a real hard jelly which did not get any scar despite the full bucket of hot tea we poured on it.

But it got me thinking again about the jelly soul. How do you get to have one so serene with no scars on it? Is this possible? Is this good?

In between the Prague and the Budapest jellies, I am definitely convinced that, as brain can find new neural pathways when deliberately trying to explore new alternatives, so can our soul, when conscious and enlightened, to recover and develop into new horizons.

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