When I used to work in the media agency, like most of my ambitious colleagues, I used to work a lot. For those of you close to the media world it is clear that there is no other way. Not if you want to make it. An agency lives out its employees enthusiasm and out of the tremendous energy and individual and group ambitions. Lovely and inspiring world.

But I also remember very well that before I realized it had become too much. Way too much.

Like I-used-to-work-one-weekend-out-of-two-for-almost-two-years kind of too much. As you can imagine this was done by sacrificing on my family and my personal time

I can’t blame anyone but me for that, I don’t regret it and I would do it the sameĀ  And this is not a soft skill time management lecture I am trying to do here. Nor to blame any particular employer. This is not even about too much work.

This is about you. Or me. Or anyone of us letting someone or something confiscate ourselves.

Because when you reach the point when, due to work, ambition, love, vice or any other kind of addiction, you forget about your real needs, desires, principles or aspirations, than something has confiscated you.

And you might do your best to shine but on the inside the rottenness has started.

And it will take guts to face the truth and a tremendous amount of work and will to revert it

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